Fall 2017 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Assignments

Office*= Durham Hall, W = Whittemore Hall, NVC = Northern Virginia Center

Course Name Office*
ISE 2004 Intro to ISE
Paul Bartholomew D110
ISE 2004 Coleman Merenda W560
ISE 2014 Engineering Economy Ahmed Elhabashy D114
ISE 2014 Kimberly Harry W560
ISE 2014 Mohammed Shafae D112
ISE 2214 Manuf. Processes Lab
Hussein El Hajj D210
ISE 2214 Rick Greatbatch W562
ISE 2214 Saman Madinei W514
ISE 2214 Bo  Shen D106
ISE 2214 Manjot Singh D108
ISE 2214 Yuxin "Janelle" Tong D112
ISE 2214 Yingqui Zhang W559
ISE 3414 POR Mahnaz Asghari Khankandi D216
ISE 3414 Ngoc Nguyen D214
ISE 3434 DOR II Jihoon Chung D107
ISE 3434  Ozan Sert D110
ISE 3434 Jie Zhang W514
ISE 3614 HF Ergo Engr Jangho Park W516
ISE 3614 Hao Wang W519K
ISE 3624 Industrial Ergonomics Dan Liang W519M
ISE 3624 Mohammad Moklespour
ISE 4004 Theory of Org. Ethan Larsen W516
ISE 4004 Kaitlin Roelofs D236
ISE 4005 Project Mgmt and System Design Eric Bloomquist W553
ISE 4005 Joseph Cochran W550
ISE 4005 Zach DeSmit D114
ISE 4015 Management Systems Nastaran Khalili D210
ISE 4204 PPIC Qing Lan W560
ISE 4204 Chenang Liu D107
ISE 4424 Logistics Engineering Hrayer Aprahamian D210
ISE 5015 Mgt Orgl Sys Alireza Ebrahimvandi D236
ISE 5024 ISE Seminar Alireza Ebrahimvandi D236
ISE 5034 Math Prob & Stat for ISE's Hrayer Aprahamian D210
ISE 5134 Mgmt Info. Systems
Tatania Daychman
ISE 5154 App HF Eng Dan Liang W519M
ISE 5164 Trans and Appl of Emerg Tech Tatania Daychman NVC
ISE 5204 Manuf Systems Eng Peng Xu D106
ISE 5244 Fac Plan & Mati Handg Yifu Li D108
ISE 5405 Optimization S. Saloumeh Sadeghzadeh D214
ISE 5424 Simulation I Jie Zhang W514
ISE 5434 Project Evaluation Taylan Topcu NVC
ENGR 5004 Systems Engineering Taylan Topcu NVC