ISE will offer the following NEW courses (Industrial Energy Management, Supply Chain and Operations Engineering) in Spring 2018 semester - sign up for the courses!

ISE 4984 Industrial Energy Management

MWF 12:20 - 1:10 p.m. at Whittemore Hall 257

Instructor: Dr. Ruben Avagyan, Virginia Tech campus energy manager

Course Description:

The course provides an introduction to industrial energy management with a focus on the economic aspects of energy utilization and energy efficiency. Required background material in thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and electric power will all be covered in class. To reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom, the course includes a field energy assessment of local manufacturing facilities followed by a course project.

List of Topics:

1.  Introduction
2.  Public Utilities
3.  Basics of Thermodynamics
4.  Basics of Heat Transfer
5.  Basics of Fluid Dynamics
6.  Electricity and Power
7.  Energy Use in Industry
8.  Energy Use in Buildings

9.  Energy Use in Buildings
10. Automation and Control of Energy Systems
11. Energy Storages
12. Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
13. Mathematical Optimization Problems Found in Energy Industry
14. Energy Management Best Practices
15. Economic Evaluation of Energy Projects

ISE 4984 Supply Chain and Operations Engineering

TR 9:30 - 10:45 am at Durham Hall 152 (ISE Learning Lab)

Instructor: Dr. Ebru Bish, Associate Professor at ISE

Course Description:

This course focuses on mathematical models, algorithms, and tools to support the design and management of supply chain systems and processes that create goods or services under uncertainty, and with emphasis on resiliency, reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Central themes of the course include:  (i) optimization of the entire supply chain system under uncertainty, through a system-wide optimization that requires collaboration and coordination among the different decision-makers; (ii) the impact of the growth in internet and e-commerce on supply chain management; and (iii) the emerging need to build sustainable and environmentally-friendly supply chains. The course includes various open-ended case studies.

Prerequisites: C- or higher in ISE 2404 DOR I and ISE 3414 POR

List of Topics:

1) Introduction, overview and recent developments

  • definition and examples of supply chains (including not-for-profit supply chains)
  • objectives in supply chain management (e.g., resiliency, reliability, efficiency, effectiveness)
  • impact of uncertainty on supply chains

2) Strategies for optimally managing supply chains under uncertainty

  • inventory management and risk pooling 
  • bullwhip effect and information sharing
  • supply management and flexibility (e.g., capacity flexibility, component commonality, operational postponement)
  • demand management (dynamic pricing, revenue management)
  • integration and coordination

3) Supply Chain design/redesign

  • designing resilient and reliable supply chains
  • designing sustainable and environmentally-friendly supply chains