The Robotics and Automation Laboratory, also know as the R&A Lab, is both an instructional laboratory and a research facility. It supports undergraduate and graduate courses in industrial automation and robotics, as well as on-going projects for NSF, NASA and industry.


Recent projects in the R&A Lab include two NSF projects related to automated path planning and passive assembly, an industry project for guidance and control of driverless linked vehicles, and a NASA project for automated fiber-composite structure manufacture.

The R&A Lab is equipped with:

  1. IBM 7545 industrial robot
  2. Two pairs of Merlin 6-axis robots, one pair with force sensing wrists
  3. Integrated assembly workcell
  4. Three CNC controlled milling machines and a CNC lathe
  5. Stand-alone data acquisition and control systems


Dr. Robert Sturges


(540) 231-7420