The Multiscale Decision Making (MSDM) Laboratory at Virginia Tech conducts research in the following thrust areas:

  1. Decision Theory / Analysis
  2. Competitive Manufacturing and Service Enterprises
  3. Complexity in Engineered and Natural Systems
  4. Cognitive Engineering

Specifically, the MSDM Lab focuses on fundamental and applied research for multiscale (multi-level) systems and organizations. The MSDM Lab develops novel decision making tools for service and manufacturing enterprises with domain specific expertise in health care, telecommunications, information technologies.

An example of a current research project is the application and advancement of multiscale decision theory to challenges in service enterprises, particularly health care systems. We focus on incentive mechanisms to encourage decisions that improve the healthcare value for all stakeholders (patients, physicians, hospital administrators, insurance companies, and policy makers).

For more information, please visit the MSDM Laboratory website.


Dr. Christian Wernz

Assistant Professor

(540) 231-9772



206 Durham Hall