Name Location Principal Investigator
Advanced Biomanufacturing & Biosensing Laboratory Biomanufacturing Lab, Room 1307 2270 Kraft Dr., VTCRC
Dr. Blake Johnson
Auditory Systems Laboratory 538 Whittemore Hall Dr. John G. Casali
Cognitive Engineering for Novel Technologies (COGENT) Lab 530 Whittemore Hall Dr. Joseph L. Gabbard
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Laboratory 189 Durham Hall Dr. John P. Shewchuk
Cyber-Physical Security Systems Manufacturing (CPSSMFG) Group 100 Durham Hall Dr. Jaime Camelio
Data Science and Visualization Lab 536 Whittemore Hall Dr. Ran Jin
Dover Lab for Manufacturing Systems Integration 185 Durham Hall Dr. Kimberly P. Ellis
Electronics Manufacturing Research (EMR) Laboratory 193 Durham Hall Dr. Subhash C. Sarin
Enterprise Engineering Research Lab (EERL) 206 Durham Hall Dr. Eileen M. Van Aken
Harris Manufacturing Processes Laboratories 174 Whittemore Hall Dr. John P. Shewchuk
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab 530 Whittemore Hall Dr. Joseph L. Gabbard
Macroergonomics and Group Decision Systems Laboratory (MGDSL) 563, 565, 567, 568 Whittemore Hall Dr. Brian M. Kleiner
Multiscale Decision Making (MSDM) Laboratory 206 Durham Hall Dr. Christian Wernz
Occupational and Construction Hazard Reduction Engineering (OCHRE) Lab Bishop-Favrao Hall Dr. Deb Dickerson
Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics (OEB) Laboratories 526, 528, 556 Whittemore Hall Dr. Maury A. Nussbaum
Robotics and Automation (R&A) Lab 197 Durham Hall Dr. Robert H. Sturges
Safety Engineering Lab 539 Whittemore Hall Dr. Maury A. Nussbaum
Sensing and Analytics for Smart Manufacturing 191 Durham Hall Dr. Zhenyu "James" Kong
Simulation and Optimization Laboratory 188 Durham Hall Dr. C. Patrick Koelling
System Dynamics Lab (SDL) 7054 Haycock Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 Dr. Konstantinos P. Triantis
Systems Performance Lab (SPL) 7054 Haycock Road, Falls Church, VA 22043 Prof. Ken Harmon
Dr. Konstantinos P. Triantis
Virginia Cognitive System Engineering (VACSE) 529 Whittemore Hall Dr. Nathan Lau