Roanoke City Public Schools Team

Project Summary

The team worked with Devin who has a genetic disease called Muscular Dystrophy. After meeting with Devin, the team recognized the need to build an ergonomic keyboard, desk, and footrest to address his significant daily challenges. The joint team, consisting of both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering students, has worked to define the problem, generate concepts, perform research, create prototypes, evaluate the design, build the products, and conduct testing. By designing and building these products, the team hoped to increase Devin’s mobility by providing him a portable workspace, increase his productivity by integrating an ergonomic keyboard that will increase his typing speed, and decrease the swelling in his feet through the addition of a footrest to his existing wheelchair. Ultimately, the goal of this project was to make Devin more independent from his caretakers while improving his quality of life.


ISE Senior Design Program
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Matt Earnest, Director
Center for High Performance Manufacturing